Seven 1st places for the Deree Tennis Academy at Tennis Tournaments held on March 30-April 16.

The Deree Tennis Academy successfully participated in the A.S.I.S., School Championship, and E3 tournaments, that all held March 30-April 16.

In A.S.I.S. (March 30-31 and April 13-14), Giannis Sakkas, Pierce student, won the 1st place in the High School tournament. Euthalia Andrianou won the 1st place and Anastasia Babaroutsi won the 2nd place in tournament, while George Bouskos won the 3rd place in the Junior High tournament, and Spyros Hatzispyros won the 1st place in the Elementary School tournament.

In the Panhellenic School Championship (April 1-7), our athletes Nikos Podaropoulos and Konstantinos Papanastasiou collaborated perfectly to win the 1st place in doubles.

In the E3 Panhellenic Tournament held in Patras (March 30-31), Spyros Hatzispyros won the 1st place in the his category. In E3 tournament, held in Chaidari on April 5-8), Dionysios Kontogiorgis won the 1st place in his category, and Elena Dapsi won the 1st place. Finally, in the E3 tournament in Chalandri (April 12-16), Dionysios Kontogiorgis won once again the 1st place.

Congratulations to all for their successes!



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