Board members and Staff

DCAC Board members

  • Dr. David Horner – President
  • Dr. Panos Vlachopoulos – Vice president
  • Iliana Lazana – General Secretary (Email: [email protected])
  • Gabriel Alexopoulos – Treasurer
  • Kostas Markonis – Member



Theodore Priskomatis – Executive Director of Athletics

Contact information: [email protected] / 210-6009800, ext.1319, 1351


Konstantinos Netsis – Programs and Athletic Facilities Manager, Deree Sports Academy Coordinator

Contact information: [email protected] / 210-6009800, ext.1495 (Monday-Friday 14:00-22:00)


Administrative Staff

Emmanuela Atzaraki – Swim, Soccer and Track & Field Academy Academies

Contact information:  [email protected] / 210-6009800, ext. 1395


Panagiota Kantzilieri – Basketball , Volleyball, Tennis Academies and ACG Fitness program

Contact information: [email protected] / 210-6009800, ext.1157


Athletics Facilities

Panagiotis Douros – Athletics Facilities Attendant

Panagiotis Douros has worked for many years as a caretaker with removal companies. He has been working at the Deree College Athletic Club since 2014.

Contact information: [email protected]  / 210-6009800, ext.1395


Konstantinos Papazoglou – Athletics Facilities Attendant

Konstantinos Papazoglou is a graduate of the Athletics Reporting Center. He has worked as a columnist and reporter on athletics websites and has been working at the Deree College Athletic Club since 2020.

Contact information: [email protected] / 210-6009800, ext.1156


Alex Patsos – Athletics Facilities Attendant

Alexandros Patsos holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Marketing and Communication) from Deree-The American College of Greece. During his studies, he worked for the Office of Athletics as a student assistant, he was a member of the Deree Men’s Soccer team, and has working experience in the field of food and beverages. He has been working at the Deree College Athletic Club since October 2021.

Contact information: [email protected] / 210-6009800, ext.1156



Yiannis PapachristouAthletics Facilities Attendant 


Deree College Athletic Club

6, Gravias Street, 15342 Aghia Paraskevi

t: 210-6009800, ext. 1157

Email: [email protected]

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