Sports Kit

The DCAC in collaboration with “KALOS T.F.M.” has created high quality sportswear, for training and game competition!

  • Find the Sports Kit HERE (The 2022-23 Sports Kit TBA soon!)

Participation in all trainings, games and events requires the DCAC athletic wear.

To purchase the Sports Kit, please deposit the total amount in one of the following bank accounts of the club’s collaborating sportswear vendor “KALOS T.F.M.”:

  • ALPHA BANK: GR31 0140 3460 3460 0200 2004 499
  • EUROBANK: GR41 0260 0330 0002 1020 0863 095

Including the full name of the student, the word “KALOS” and the sport.

A copy of the order and the deposit receipt must be sent by email to this address: [email protected] .

If you do not wish to print the order form, please include the student’s full name and the words “Sports Kit + sport” in the email you send with the deposit receipt.

Your order will be forwarded to our vendor and, as soon as it is ready, we will notify you so that you can pick it up from the respective reception.

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