Deree Sports Academy

In September 2011, the Deree College Athletic Club began to operate the Deree Sports Academy, aiming to provide children with high-level sports training and to cultivating good characters, good students and good athletes!

The focus is to develop basic, intermediate and advanced sports skills while simultaneously promoting the importance of adhering to recognized sports values.

This balanced approach to teaching sports activity is achieved in an educational, safe and fun environment, which instills in the child the love for sports and the desire to have a lifetime involvement in physical activity.

The Deree Sports Academy consists of the Deree Swim AcademyDeree Tennis Academy, the Deree Basketball AcademyDeree Volleyball AcademyDeree Soccer Academy, and Deree Track & Field Academy. 

It will be our honor to join us in the joy of sports and we look forward to meeting you!







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