Another two Deree Soccer Academy athletes will be competing in the Greek Super League!

Vasilis Xenos and Vasilis Martzoklis will be in the professional league with the U16 and U18 teams of Apollon Smyrnis, making five the total number of the Deree Soccer Academy players transferred to a professional team since 2014 that our program started.

Congratulations to our coaches Panagiotis Kagkarakis and Konstantinos Siokos for their hard work and good luck to our athletes!

The first friendly game for the Deree Basketball Academy!

The first friendly game for the Deree Basketball Academy!

After a year, on Sunday, September 12, Deree Basketball Academy (U18) had the first friendly game of the season against A.S. Ionas Volou.

The game took place at the Deree College, following all health protocols, with a final score 69-51 for our team.

Congratulations to all! Our warmest wishes for a successful, safe and healthy athletic year!


Registration to the Deree Sports Academy update.

Due to the very high demand, the too many groups that have already covered their capacity and are no longer available, and the limitations in capacity imposed due to Covid-19, the registrations to the Deree Sports Academy will continue only in person at the corresponding reception, observing the necessary protection measures, in order to secure availability and completion of the registration.

Please also note that we do not accept cash, and payment is only by credit / debit card or bank deposit.

You can always find on our website and in the DEREE SPORTS ACADEMY section all the information, hours/days and costs of our programs, or you may contact us for information. As the lines are very busy, if you can not contact us by phone kindly email us at [email protected], writing your telephone number and we will contact you the soonest possible.

Thank you for your understanding!

Very good results for the Deree Tennis Academy in the “Kalovelonis Summer Tour”!

Very good results for the Deree Tennis Academy in the “Kalovelonis Summer Tour”!

The athletes of Deree Tennis Academy, Giannis Sakkas and Giorgos Tzitzimikas, performed very well in the European Tournament of Tennis Europe, “Kalovelonis Summer Tour”, held in Pefki on August 30-September 4.

Giannis Sakkas won the 3rd place in the singles and the 1st place in the doubles playing with Nikos Makris from the Athletic Club of Haidari, while Giorgos Tzitzimikas started from the preliminary round and reached the tournament’s 16th place, achieving three wins in a row. Giorgos also won the 3rd place in doubles playing with Dimitris Melissoglou from Thessaloniki.

Congratulations to our athletes!

Athletic facilities health protocol-Instructions

Dear ACG Fitness members,

We hope you enjoyed a great and safe summer!

As our programs start today, September 1st, we would like to inform you that according to the instructions of the State (government ministerial decision 3958 / β / 27-8-2021), members in order to enter in any athletic facility must present:

  • a certificate of vaccination against Covid-19, or a Covid-19 disease within the last 6 months certificate, or
  • when 16 years old and older: one PCR or rapid test per week.

Accurate registration and signing in the “Entrance-Exit List” is also mandatory.

Thank you.


Deree Sports Academy – Instructions regarding Covid-19 tests.

Deree Sports Academy – Instructions regarding Covid-19 tests.

As the Deree Sports Academy trainings of the 2021-22 season start on Wednesday, September 1, kindly see below and in the table below the instructions issued by the state regarding the required tests:

SPORTSMEN/CITIZENS INVOLVED IN ATHLETICS (are all those who do not have an athletic ID from a sports federation):

  •  Up to 15 years old: one self-test per week.
  •  16 years old and older: one PCR or rapid test per week.











ATHLETES (are those who have an athletic ID from a sports federation):

  •  As mentioned in the table, per sport and age group.

Sportsmen or athletes who have a certificate of vaccination against Covid-19, or a Covid-19 disease within the last 6 months certificate, should present it and will be be exempted from the obligation to do a weekly self-test, PCR, or rapid test.

In the first week of practices, everyone should submit a negative self-test, regardless of the above.

Kindly also be reminded that parents and escorts are not allowed in and around the athletic facilities during trainings.

Thank you, and we wish you a great and healthy athletic season!

Deree sports development & performance model.

The High Performance Model is an effective sports management system that has received significant attention in the multifaceted business of sport across the United States of America.

US National Governing Bodies under the United States Olympic Committee have been using the high performance conceptual framework in an attempt to organize and deliver a coach and athlete development program. The US Ski and Snowboard Association has utilized its Elite Performance Model since 2001. This model incorporates the use of advanced scientific research to help athletes and coaches in the areas of applied sports science, medicine, management, pedagogy, as well as sport-specific skill development and training.

Strength and conditioning is a fundamental component of this model while physiological monitoring systems guide the implementation of training protocols for every athlete. USA Hockey has adopted the Long Term Athlete Development Model, employed by Canadian National Governing Bodies, in order to create the American Development Model (launched in 2009). This model is the hallmark of athlete development process that leads to high performance.

The University of Northern Iowa adopted the High Performance Model in an effort to reap the benefits of applying a highly integrated sports management system in university sport. The High Performance Management system coordinates the areas of medical service, athletic training, strength & conditioning, sports psychology, sports nutrition, coaching development, and external specialists into a cohesive supportive system for athlete development.

Premier League created the Elite Player Performance Plan, a long-term plan that targets the development of athletes from grass roots to professional sports. This plan offers a holistic approach to developing a system of Sports Academies, whereby athlete development is of paramount importance. Athlete development is safeguarded through systematic measuring, monitoring, and adjusting.

The Long Term Athlete development and High Performance models date back to USSR and Eastern European sport development mechanisms, which greatly contributed to the development of training and periodization methods.

The aforementioned framework guided the Office of Athletics of Deree – The American College of Greece to initiate its own Sports Development & Performance model in an effort to support the technical, tactical, physical, mental, lifestyle, and welfare development of its athletes. This model aims to provide aspiring athletes with a unique opportunity to benefit from a comprehensive approach to long-term athlete development regardless of whether they are willing to enter the world of professional sport or not.

The programs of the Office of Athletics and the Deree Sports Academy will be enriched by the application of rigorous scientific research in selected areas with the ultimate goal of improving performance and minimizing injury risk within a safe and respectful environment that acknowledges and caters for the intricacies of youth sport development.

The Sports Development and Performance model incorporates strength and conditioning as a vital tool to enhance physical preparation and prevent injuries. Physical fitness variables are prioritized according to a comprehensive analysis of the physiological demands of each respective sport provided by the Office of Athletics and the DCAC. Strength, power, agility, speed, anaerobic capacity, aerobic power, flexibility, mobility, injury prevention, proprioception, and neuromuscular training have their share in physically preparing an athlete for the high demands of sport participation.  Moreover, athletes will systematically undergo physiological monitoring and assessment in order to determine their current state of physical preparation, areas of improvement, progress, injury risk, and overall fitness status. The aforementioned monitoring will serve as the basis for talent identification and development.

The program fosters the development of habitual, systematic exercise habits that can be sustained through lifetime. Some athletes may reach the elite level while others may not advance their sporting potential to such a high extent. Beyond the journey of an athlete in the world of sport, sport and exercise are of utmost importance for health, longevity, and prosperity. The establishment of sustainable exercise habits are a major goal of this model.

Another major tenet of the Deree Sports Development and Performance model is the protection of athletes from drug abuse and from potentially hazardous supplements and unsubstantiated claims made by providers. Anti-doping education will be provided on an ongoing basis so that athletes are cognizant of the hazards associated with drug abuse and familiarize themselves with the use of safe and effective supplements that may be prescribed by professionals when the need arises.

A last constituent of the Deree model is the systematic training and development of the coaching staff in the areas of strength and conditioning so that they are able to supervise the training protocols provided by the Sports Development and Performance team. The end result of this process will be the incorporation of strength and conditioning protocols within the sport training practice for all age groups across all sports. The long term goal of the program is to support athletes in all areas of sports performance and welfare from the very first steps of their sporting endeavors.

The DCAC sports development and performance model will be managed, delivered, and communicated to all relevant parties by the Sports Development & Performance team comprised of the Head of the Sports Development & Performance program Mr. Liossis Loudovikos-Dimitrios, and the Assistant Head of Sports Development & Performance program Ms. Katsafadou Andromachi.

Liossis Loudovikos-Dimitrios holds a Master’s Degree in Sport Management  from Loughborough University with specialization in Strategic Management-Analysis of Fitness Centers, as well as a Master’s Degree in Applied Sports and Exercise Science from Staffordshire University with specialization in sports physiology and power output maximization-Distinction. Moreover, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with specialization in marketing communications with Distinction. He has been working for the Office of Athletics since 2010, and as a strength and conditioning coach for the DCAC Sports Academy program from 2014.


Andromachi Katsafadou holds a Master’s Degree in Strength and Conditioning from the University of Edinburg. Moreover, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Sports Sciences from the University of Athens with specialization in Coaching running events. She has been working for the Office of Athletics since 2008, and as a strength and conditioning coach for the DCAC Sports Academy program from 2014.

We are the champions!

The Deree College Athletic Club is the 2021 champion in U16/U14 boys & girls swimming!

This huge success comes exactly ten years after the beginning of the swim academy, and is the result of the hard work of all the athletes and coaches who have passed from the club during this decade.

The foundations of this great success were laid by Dimitris Spyridakis at the beginning of the academy in 2011, continued with the huge contribution of George Vallas for seven years from 2013 to 2020, and then with Dimitris Papacharizanou who has been with us since 2013 and from September 2020 is our head coach with the collaboration of Sofia Mandaloufa and our coaches Ioanna Athanasopoulou, Vassilis Bougioukos, Dimitris Voutsas and Lefkothea Spanou.

A big thank you also goes to our trainers Dimitris Liossis and Andromachi Katsafadou.

The Deree College Athletic Club continues on the principles it has from the first moment, of creating good characters, students and athletes!

Congratulations to all – may your life be filled with success and achievements!

George Karagiannis takes over as head coach of the Deree Tennis Academy!

George Karagiannis takes over as head coach of the Deree Tennis Academy!

The Deree College Athletic Club is pleased to announce George Karagiannis as the new head coach of the Deree Tennis Academy!

George Karagiannis has been with us since 2013, and after his very successful presence as a coach of our pre-competition and competition teams, he is now taking over as head coach.

He is a graduate of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Sport Science / Major: Tennis, has been a successful athlete, and has attended a number of seminars and conferences regarding tennis.

He holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration / European University of Cyprus), and is the founder of the platform, which aims to support tennis players in their search for hotels, academies and coaches during their tournaments in Greece and abroad.

In 2017 and 2018 he worked in the Rafa Nadal Academy Summer Camp program, and he also has the following certifications:

  • GPTCA A-Level International Coach (Milan)
  • PTR Performance (players U14-U16)
  • GPTCA B-Level International Coach (Sheffield)
  • GPTCA C-Level International Coach (Israel)
  • Player Development 11-14 ITF
  • Tennis 10s ITF
  • Level 1 ITF
  • Play and Stay ITF

Good luck George in your new duties!

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