45 medals for the Deree Swim Academy at the Swim Event “Okeanos” at OAKA!

The Deree Swim Academy made a distinguished contribution to the Swim Event “Okeanos,” held at the Olympic Indoor Aquatic Center (OAKA) on January 12-14, and presented a contingent comprising 20 pre-competitive athletes and 65 competitive athletes.

Throughout the event, the athletes exhibited notable advancements in their individual performances, achieving numerous personal records and garnering commendable distinctions. Congratulations to the pre-competitive team, which secured 14 medals, and the competitive team, which achieved a noteworthy total of 31 medals!

The delegations were under the guidance of esteemed coaches, including Antoniou Antonis, Demetis Vasilis, Syrbopoulos Giannis, and Sofia Samartzi.

Sincere and profound congratulations are extended to all the participants for their outstanding accomplishments, reflecting the highest standards of sportsmanship and dedication.

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Γραβιάς 6, Αγία Παρασκευή
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