Panhellenic and individual records in the “7th PAO Trophy” for the Deree Swim Academy, which won 45 medals!

The Deree Swim Academy participated with 69 athletes in the “7th Trophy PAO” taking place in OAKA, on December 1-3, bringing impressive performances and many individual records.

Our athletes won 45 medals in total (twenty gold, twelve silver, and thirteen bronze) and the “Trophy PAO” in the U16 categories, achieving remarkable distinctions.

Our athlete, Marios Vlachakis achieved also three new national records, breaking his own national record, which stood from 2017, twice in the same day.

The delegation was chaperoned by coaches Antonis Antoniou, Vasilis Demetis and Giannis Syrmpopoulos.

Warm congratulations to all for their participation and successes!


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