Very good results for the Deree Tennis Academy in the “Kalovelonis Summer Tour”!

The athletes of Deree Tennis Academy, Giannis Sakkas and Giorgos Tzitzimikas, performed very well in the European Tournament of Tennis Europe, “Kalovelonis Summer Tour”, held in Pefki on August 30-September 4.

Giannis Sakkas won the 3rd place in the singles and the 1st place in the doubles playing with Nikos Makris from the Athletic Club of Haidari, while Giorgos Tzitzimikas started from the preliminary round and reached the tournament’s 16th place, achieving three wins in a row. Giorgos also won the 3rd place in doubles playing with Dimitris Melissoglou from Thessaloniki.

Congratulations to our athletes!

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