The Deree Tennis Academy promoted in the “Men’s Tennis A’ National Category”!

The Deree Tennis Academy won the 1st place in the “Men’s Tennis B’ National Category Championship”, held in Rafina on December 17-20 and was promoted to the A’ National Category, by achieving 4 victories in a row!

Our team played against and won O.A. Chalkida 3-0, ASE Thiseas Ag. Dimitriou 2-1, O.A. Xylokastro 3-0, and O.A. Patra 3-0!

Congratulations to our athletes Thodoris Mitsakos (Pierce student on an athletic scholarship), Giannis Sakkas (Pierce student on an athletic scholarship), George Tzitzimikas, Dimitris Goutas and to their coaches, who led the Deree Tennis Academy to this great success, which was the result of their hard work during the last several years!


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