Ioanna Georgopoulou receives athletic scholarship to University of Chicago!

Congratulations to our swimmer Ioanna Georgopoulou, who has been accepted with an athletic scholarship to the University of Chicago, a university known for its excellent academic and athletic program!

Ioanna, who has been with us since A Gymnasium with an athletic scholarship at Pierce College, is graduating this year. With her great effort in both her academic and her athletic work along with her excellent character, she has managed to distinguish herself continuously over the last six years, winning many awards. As a result of all this, she has been offered an athletic scholarship by one of the top universities in the USA!

The aim of our program has been to provide students of good character, as well as good academic and athletic performance, with what will help them in their lives and in whatever they decide to do. It will always be our great pleasure to keep up with Ioanna’s news!

Congratulations once again to Ioanna and her family, as well as to her coaches, her fellow athletes, and her teachers and counselors at Pierce!

We wish you the best of luck going forward, with good health and great success, Ioanna!


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