Deree Swim Academy participates “Alexandria” International Swim Meet!

The Deree Swim Academy is participating with six swimmers in the “Alexandria” international swim meet, held December 17-19, at the Poseidonion swimming pool in Thessaloniki.

Our team is represented by the following athletes, accompanied by our head coach Dimitris Papaharizanou:

  • Kolokotsa Filippa (50-100-200m Freestyle / 50m. Breaststroke)
  • Mitsakou Xanthi (100-200-400m Freestyle)
  • Mitsakou Chrysa (100-200-400m Freestyle)
  • Pepe Anastasia (50-100m Butterfly / 100–200m Backstroke)
  • Rakopoulou Antonia (400–800–1500m Freestyle / 200m Butterfly)
  • Tsaliagkos Dimitris (50-100-200m Breaststroke / 50m Freestyle)

Good luck to all!


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