3 Pan-Hellenic records and 7 medals for the Deree Swim Academy at the “28th International Swim Meet- Alexandria”!

Excellent performances and results by our swimmers at “28th International Swim Meet- Alexandria”, held December 17-19, at the Poseidonion swimming pool in Thessaloniki.

Antonia Rakopoulou won 2 gold medals and achieved 3 new Pan-Hellenic records in the 400-800-1500m freestyle; Antonia has a total of 17 national records in 2021!!

Xanthi Mitsakou won 2 gold medals in the 200-400m freestyle, while Chryssa Mitsakou won the 2nd and the 3rd place!

Dimitris Tsaliagkos won the 3rd place in the 200m breaststroke, and Filippa Kolokotsa and Anastasia Peppe reached the finals in their events!

Congratulations to all athletes!

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